Juice! It’s Yummy But Don’t Overlook The Reality. 

Yes, your kids love juice. You may even love juice! You might enjoy the stuff that has added sugar some of the time. Or, you may avoid it at all costs. You may even make your own at home. No matter the type you and your kiddos like, our Dallas, TX team wants you to recognize that as yummy as it can be, it’s also a beverage that can pose a considerable threat to your children’s oral health (and yours, too!). So, take a moment to learn a bit more, as you become attuned to ways you can more safely sip, should the mood strike!

All Juice Is…

You may have made the assumption that as long as you get juice that has no sugar added, your kiddos are in the clear. However, there are two very important things you need to remember about all juice: One, it contains natural sugars, which also contribute to oral health problems like tooth decay (even if no sugar is added). Two, all juice is extremely acidic, which means drinking it will contribute to acid erosion and decay over time. So, juice is sugary and acidic.

It Coats Teeth

You may imagine that when you or your child takes a sip of juice, it just goes down the hatch and is gone. However, what you may not recognize is that this liquid fully saturates your teeth, leaving sugars behind that will rest on teeth. Saliva helps to rinse smiles partially clean, of course, but if you want to strive to avoid problems like cavity formation, then it’s always best to follow juice by swishing with (or simply drinking) water. You’ll remove the majority of the sugars and acids! Of course, we remind you that if you happen to be near your toothbrush and toothpaste, giving teeth about a half hour to calm down and then brushing is beneficial to oral health, too!

Fruit And Water Is Better

If you’re concerned about your children getting their daily intake of fruit, then our team reminds you that it’s actually better to consume fruit in its natural state. Bite into a whole piece of fruit, cut it into slices, etc. When you do this, your kiddos get the benefit of the fiber that hasn’t been removed during juicing. Your child doesn’t get an instant shock of sugar, either, as one’s body has to break down whole fruit, which isn’t the case with juice. Follow with a few sips of water and teeth are rinsed, kids enjoy a healthy snack, hydration, and all is well!

Gather Important Smile Facts With Us

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