Smile Care Perspective Shift: Your Kids Will Be Adults One Day

Why is our Dallas, TX team speeding up time and asking you to consider the fact that your precious babes will one day be adults, just like you? Well. We certainly don’t want time to feel like it is passing you by any more quickly! However, we do want you to remember that sometimes, reminding yourself that those kiddos will be grown-ups way, way in the future will help you shift your perspective as it applies to their smile care. Hopeful that this may offer you some help in terms of your general outlook? Consider some ways you may put it to good use!

You’re Preserving Tissue For Life

We know that it’s very easy to think of life in stages. This is particularly true when you have kids because they lose their baby teeth, which are followed by permanent teeth. However, remember that from the time your babes are born and on, every single effort you put forth for their smile care helps preserve their permanent smile tissue! When you see us for checkups and cleanings when baby teeth are in place, it protects their developing permanent teeth. When they have their permanent teeth, keeping them safe helps them maintain optimal oral health and helps them keep their tissue that they will rely on for life! (Hint: In addition to prevention, seeing us for a filling the second a cavity develops, rather than letting the cavity grow in size, is one example of helping your child retain a stable, healthy smile through attentive care).

You’re Helping To Develop “Forever” Habits

We remind patients quite frequently: The smile care you practice now establishes the beliefs, ideas, habits, techniques, feelings, and more that your child will carry throughout life! Make them solid, so your kids’ smiles can truly shine.

You’re Cultivating A Love Of Dental Visits!

Well, okay, maybe you’re not creating an absolute love for professional dental care. However, we remind you that when you put forth the effort to remain on track with scheduling professional visits, such as dental checkups or even fillings, and you maintain a positive attitude, your kids pick up on it. One day, they will be adults! If they are already primed to feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed about scheduling and showing up for the smile care they need, then they’ll be prepared to take exceptional care of their teeth and gums for life (and without any stress!).

Bring Your Kids In For Complete Care!

Guide your children from their younger years and through teenage-hood with excellent oral health protection, so they head into adulthood with healthy smiles and the habits they need to keep their grins safe! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda.

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