A Few Reminders: Parent Guilt, Social Media, And Your Child

In the ever-growing world that becomes more global on a daily basis and in which social media takes up much of our attention, it’s easy to become sidetracked by parent guilt! One second, you think you’re doing an amazing job and the next, you see a post on Instagram that makes you question every single decision you’ve made in the last 24 hours (potentially including oral health choices for your kiddo). Our Dallas, TX team has some reminders for you that can help you burst that bubble, so you realize that like all parents, you’re doing a great job.

#1: You Can Let Parent Guilt Go!

Yep, when it comes to your child’s oral health, we encourage you to let parent guilt go. That is, this is linked with the assumption that you’re giving your child the essentials in terms of oral health care. Your child has a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and you practice dental hygiene twice a day. You bring your child in for dental checkups and cleanings! If you’re doing these things and you’re not ignoring your child when he or she mentions a toothache, then there’s nothing to feel bad about. You’re right on track!

#2: Social Media Shouldn’t Be Factored In

It’s so very easy to take a quick look online when you have two seconds to yourself only to walk away feeling like you’re failing. Your friend posted that her kids just visited the dentist and that neither has ever had a cavity … and now you’re wondering what you are doing wrong because your child has experienced a cavity! To this, we remind you: Thanks to technology, you know a lot about other people that you would never have known. Things are not always as they appear, you’re just seeing a life snapshot (and often through a filter!). We can also assure you firsthand that whatever your kiddo is going through, we see other children every day experiencing those things, too! Every smile is unique! So, comparing will never help you feel good. Stick to focusing on keeping your child’s smile as healthy as can be.

#3: We Are Here To Help With Your Child’s Smile

Again, remember that we are here to help you! While a little bit of parent guilt will probably always be part of your life, we hope to provide you with as much education, support, professional care, and more that you need so that you walk away feeling absolutely optimistic about your child’s oral health. Whatever you need, from cleanings to fillings to advice and more, just give us a call!

Protect Your Child’s Smile Here

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