Try Out Plaque HD For Even Cleaner Teeth!

You make sure your kids brush every day, twice a day, and you might even be really serious about timing those sessions. Of course, you make sure your kids floss, as well. While you cannot tell for sure, you assume this is removing most of the plaque from your little ones’ smiles, so you try to hope for the best and figure your family’s efforts will pay off. However, there may be an itty bitty voice in your brain asking: “But how do you really know that huge areas of plaque aren’t being missed?” or, “Do you think you watched closely enough?” What if your child is quite heavy handed one one side of his or her mouth but isn’t brushing so well on the other? Good news: Our Dallas, TX team introduces you to a special product called Plaque HD that can help with everything! Learn more.

What Does It Do?

Imagine being able to flip a light switch and all of the plaque remaining on your child’s teeth is suddenly illuminated, so you know just what still needs brushing. Fortunately, this is similar to what you can expect when you use Plaque HD. It’s a toothpaste that relies on special technology (called Targetol Technology), that causes plaque to appear as a greenish-teal color on teeth, so you can brush and thoughtfully target the right areas as you go.

Who Can Use This?

Plaque HD is formulated for just about everyone. Your kids can use it and you can use it, too! Even if you think you or your child is doing an amazing job with brushing and flossing to prevent issues like decay, remember that even a bit more support in practicing exceptional dental hygiene is something anyone can benefit from!

Is It Safe?

While you may immediately visualize a glowing teal smile and assume it must be “bad” ingredients, the opposite is true! Plaque HD contains natural ingredients, it’s gluten free, and the “technology” factor comes from a plant-based ingredient.

How Is It Used?

You use this toothpaste in place of your usual paste. Like always, we recommend you add a pea-size dollop to your toothbrush and then brush! Instead of simply guessing and hoping that you’re getting all tooth surfaces, you can use the color of the tinted plaque as your guide, gently cleansing until your smile is clean and you and your child are all done with dental hygiene for the day!

Learn From Us For Effective Plaque Removal

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