A Few Tips to Prevent Toothaches

For some children, a nagging toothache can be just a nuisance, or it can cause severe discomfort that interrupts their ability to concentrate or go about their day. In many cases, a pain reliever or dental analgesic might offer some temporary relief. However, the toothache is likely to persist until you bring your child to the dentist for a thorough examination at our Dallas, TX, office to determine why it aches in the first place. Before then, however, you can give your child a better chance at avoiding toothaches by following these few tips.

Protect Your Teeth

  • Make good hygiene a priority – The most frequent cause behind chronic tooth pain is tooth decay – a condition that erodes tooth enamel and leads to cavities. Enamel is the main protective barrier around teeth and keeps oral bacteria from causing trouble. When it grows weak, teeth become more sensitive as well as more susceptible to cavity development. Teaching children good hygiene and making sure they stick to it is the most important way to prevent their teeth from growing weak and achy.
  • Limit how often children snack – The bacteria that attack teeth get their strength from the nutrients in most foods and beverages. Limit how often your child snacks throughout the day to inhibit oral bacteria’s ability to produce harmful, tooth eroding substances. Also, be sure to especially limit the amount of sugar your child eats throughout the day.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek treatment – If your child’s dentist notices signs of weak enamel or a cavity developing, then follow instructions carefully to address it, especially if your child needs treatment to restore the tooth. The longer you wait, the more severe the condition will be and the more painful the toothache will become.

Get a Better Chance at Avoiding Toothaches

Toothaches are common, but the most frequent causes of them can usually be prevented with consistently good hygiene and regular preventive dental care. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880.

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