Help Your Child’s Teeth Grow Super Strong: 3 Things To Know!

What’s the primary thing that you want for your children as you think about their growing smiles (and what you’re hoping to help them achieve by the time they’re adults)? You want them to have strong teeth that stay that way, of course! As with just about all of the other details you’re doing your best to keep up with, there may be times when you stop and ask yourself: Hey, am I doing all of this correctly? Is there something that I’m missing? Not to worry: Our friendly pediatric dental team in Dallas, TX is on hand to quickly walk you through a review of the main guidelines to follow, so your kids’ smiles stay the course!

#1: Nutrition Really Is Important

Our team reminds parents that nutrition is very important. Remember that for growing smiles, bones, and more, kids need the vitamins and minerals that support that growth, so you enjoy strong teeth instead of weak tissue. Does this mean that your kiddo is going to have oral health problems if he or she isn’t very interested in a diverse diet full of all of the healthy stuff you’re putting on the table? Not at all. While kids that gobble up everything you serve them make things easier, you can also talk with your pediatrician about the foods your kids are willing to eat as well as ways to supplement if you have picky eaters. Of course, the major players are calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and iron!

#2: Extremely Thorough, Consistent Care Is Huge

Maintaining healthy teeth for everyone, that’s kids and adults, means care that is complete and that it takes place consistently. This is actually quite easy to remember. It’s just that there may be details you’re not so sure about. Keep the following in mind as you protect growing smiles:

  • Gentle brushing must happen daily, twice a day, and the sessions need to be two minutes each
  • Flossing has to happen daily, too
  • We need to see your kiddos twice a year for their preventive care, which will include cleanings and checkups (and should include sealants and fluoride, too)

#3: Keeping An Eye On Bad Habits Helps A Lot

Just keep an eye on your kids’ habits. If you notice that they’re snacking on hard stuff like ice, find them a softer substitute. If you notice the intake of sugar and acidic drinks is on the rise, cut back (and introduce water after snacks) to keep teeth strong, so they can avoid serious damage. Easy!

Let Us Assist You In Helping Your Child’s Smile Grow Strong

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