3 Words Beginning With “S” That Are Leading To Erosion

You might not worry too much about tooth erosion. You may figure this is something that adults should worry about but that it’s not really a concern for a child. Or, this may be an issue that’s off of your radar completely! What we’d like to remind you is that it’s a problem that can negatively affect anyone’s tooth tissue, young (or more mature) in a serious way. What is it, you wonder? Well, it’s the stripping away of a tooth’s outer layer (which we call enamel). This is bad because teeth rely on enamel to act as protection and to present a white, lovely appearance. As it wears thin, teeth can look yellow and teeth become weak. Consider a few things that may be leading to potential problems for your child’s smile, so you can be careful.

#1: Sugar!

Be careful when it comes to sugar. We know that when you have kids, this can be a tricky topic and we certainly don’t want it to cause any stress. Of course, it’s natural to want and enjoy sugar, so we don’t judge. We do, however, remind parents that their kiddos can end up with tooth erosion and related problems like decay when there’s either too much sugar in one’s diet or when teeth aren’t rinsed and cleansed after consuming sugar. As your child (or you) eats sugar, the bacteria present eat the sugar that sticks to teeth. They digest those sugars. The end product they they release is acid. It then coats teeth. This softens enamel, which causes erosion over time. Remember, eating sugar all at once (instead of over the course of several hours) is best (and then rinsing with water, followed by brushing, is even better).

#2: Scrubbing!

Scrubbing teeth can lead to tooth erosion through the simple act of physically wearing down enamel. If your kids are quite hard brushers, it’s good to continue to remind them to adopt gentle techniques. It might take a while but they will learn! This is important for gums, as well, which may recede if dental hygiene is too aggressive.

#3: Sodas!

Sugar sodas, diet sodas. All sodas. They’re all acidic and can all cause erosion. Avoid them as much as possible! Have questions? Come see us!

Avoid Erosion By Limiting Potentially Harmful Things

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