Let’s Talk: Toothbrushing Apps!

As you have probably already discovered, when you announce to your kids, “Time to brush your teeth!” it doesn’t always go over so well. Or, you receive a somewhat neutral if not cold reception. What you’d love, of course, is to hear your kids clapping with glee. This seems unlikely. That is, until you become familiar with toothbrushing apps that can give your dental hygiene sessions the 180 that you’ve been dreaming about on a daily basis!

Why An App?

Toothbrushing apps that are created for your children’s dental hygiene sessions are specifically geared toward younger audiences. The idea is to turn brush time into an extremely fun two minutes so that your kids are getting excited about the experience provided by the app, which is only something they get to do while they brush. Plus, apps are very easy to utilize, you’re no longer in charge of trying to come up with creative ideas to make brushing fun, and your kids may start to actually feel excited when you announce it’s time to brush.

What’s Out There?

There’s a whole world of toothbrushing apps out there! If you’ve never searched for dental hygiene options, such as Chompers, a two-minute, twice-a-day toothbrushing show, then it’s really time to check it out! Kids hear stories, are entertained by jokes, and receive positive reinforcement (as well as brushing directions) for the two minutes it takes to do a very good job. Talk to your Amazon Alexa, rely on Apple Podcasts, check out your app store for options, etc. This highly entertaining suggestion, among others, just might be the upgrade you’ve been hoping to find!

Ask Us For Tips For Toothbrushing

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