Why Cavity Free Is Best

You may have moments during which you wonder to yourself why it’s so important to put so much effort into preventive care. After all, dental fillings are there to pick up the slack when all doesn’t go according to plan and your child ends up with a cavity. While we certainly have only wonderful things to say about fillings and strongly encourage you to see us if your child needs one, there’s something you need to remember: Prevention and avoiding cavities is always even better than letting them form and treating them. Is a cavity the end of the world? Nope! However, doing what you can to avoid them is worth it.

Cavities Can Create Further Problems

Consider what happens when a tooth is healthy: Absolutely nothing! The tooth is healthy, it’s fully functional, and you don’t have a thing to worry about other than keeping up your child’s brushing and flossing. Now, think about what happens when a tooth has a cavity: The decay is present, which means the disease will progress until treated. The result can include a once small cavity that becomes severe. The opening can provide bacterial entrance, which may cause an infection. A large cavity leaves the tooth susceptible to breaking. Stop cavities with preventive care to avoid this host of possible concerns!

Cavity-Free Teeth Are More Stable

Now, let’s talk about the issue of structure. A tooth that has no cavity and no filling is whole and stable. A tooth that has a cavity (as previously mentioned) or that has a filling is not quite as stable and strong as a pristine tooth because the once whole unit has been compromised. If that same tooth develops decay again in the future, there’s less tissue to work with, which can become problematic and result in the need for a crown or extraction. It’s certainly worth brushing and flossing in order to keep teeth standing for as long as possible!

Remember That Prevention With Us Is Best!

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