Allergies And Your Kids: Things To Consider

Do your little ones get the sniffles, the sneezing, and the itchy, watery eyes during allergy season? Or throughout the year (this is Texas, after all)? If so, you may recognize the usual symptoms and problems associated with allergies. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they can also have some effect on your children’s oral health. To be sure you’re looking out for common changes with your kids’ smiles (and to help you avoid worrying that something serious might be going on), we suggest learning a bit more about how high pollen counts can have a wider impact than you realize.

Allergies Can Place Pressure On Teeth

If your little one is telling you that his or her teeth hurt, don’t panic. Of course, it’s always wise to come in to see us for an oral health visit if you think a toothache is happening. However, realize that if your child is fighting allergies, pressure in sinuses and the narrowing of airways can press on teeth. This pressure may feel like pain or general discomfort that your child will not like. Treating allergies can help alleviate the symptom.

Allergies Can Cause Snoring

Wondering why your child is snoring? Didn’t think this was a problem that affected little kids? One possible factor might be allergies. The congestion can partially obstruct breathing, causing throat tissues to touch and vibrate at night, which leads to the snoring sound you hear.

Allergies Can Lead To Bad Breath

When your child has allergies, he or she may end up mouth breathing frequently (and throughout the night). This can dry out oral tissues, resulting in bacterial buildup, bad breath, and may even encourage decay. Treat allergies to protect oral health.

Ask For Preventive Tips For Your Kids

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