Do Your Kids Need Help Avoiding Cavities?

Adults in America are not the only ones suffering from dental decay in shockingly high numbers. Recent studies indicate that at least 30 percent of school-aged children in America are also being diagnosed with dental caries, or cavities as they are more commonly known. Though tooth fillings can often help treat cavities, it is best to avoid them altogether. Cavities are entirely preventable, too. It just requires a combination of at-home care and professional dental visits to help avoid them. For kids, parents play a huge role in ensuring they continue enjoying oral health. So, are you doing all you can, as a parent, to protect your kids from cavities?

Keep Your Kids Safe and Smiling

Routine brushing and flossing are important ways to protect kids’ smiles. This is why dentists so strongly urge their patients to stick to a daily hygiene routine that includes both brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans skip flossing regularly, if not altogether.

If you are unsure how to teach your kids proper dental hygiene techniques, why not take advantage of the American Dental Association’s resources meant to help provide proper instruction, many of which are designed specifically to appeal to kids?

Prevent Future Problems with Proper Care

Another way to prevent cavities and other oral health threats is by taking your kids for routine dental checkups and cleanings. Most dentists agree that children should see the dentist at least twice a year, though some may require more frequent visits in order to properly protect against cavities.

Other ways a pediatric dentist can help protect your kids’ teeth is through the use of dental sealants, meant to protect against plaque buildup.

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