What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride and Can It Help My Kids?

Have you spent way too much time at the dentist’s office, having your kids’ cavities filled? If so, you may already have taken steps to better protect their smiles, such as making sure they are brushing properly at least twice a day, and flossing between each tooth. You might also have cut down on sugar, as a family, to prevent plaque buildup. Making sure to take them for routine dental checkups and cleaning is another great measure. Fortunately, there is one other way your kids’ pediatric dentist might be able to help your kids avoid – or treat – any future cavities, and that’s through the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride, a substance that can both potentially prevent cavities, and also help to treat them.

What Is SDF and What Could It Do for Your Smile?

SDF is a clear liquid that has been approved by the FDA to help address tooth sensitivity, and that is its primary use, currently. However, research has shown that SDF has great promise as an alternative for treating decay in teeth, particularly in children.

According to recent studies, SDF could be an effective way to reduce the risk of cavity development, by helping to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to teeth near a cavity. It can also be used as a restorative measure in helping address existing decay, particularly for patients who are too young or elderly to comfortably sit through a dental filling procedure.

Keep in mind that if your kids seem particularly susceptible to developing cavities, it is important to talk to their pediatric dentist about any measures that can be taken to protect their smiles, including traditional fluoride treatments, but also SDF, specifically.

Together, you can help better protect your kids’ precious pearly whites!

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