Does Your Child Need Treatment for A Dental Cavity?

Wondering if there is any way to help your kids avoid the need for dental fillings? Many parents don’t realize how susceptible children are to dental caries, or as they’re more commonly called cavities. That is, until it is already too late to prevent them. For years, this meant that even young children often required dental fillings to help address decay and to prevent infection. Fortunately, recent studies are showing that there is now a helpful alternative to traditional fillings, which can be particularly beneficial for children. The substance is called silver diamine fluoride (SDF), and it is a liquid that is being used to help stop tooth decay and to protect teeth, while also helping to minimize tooth sensitivity.

Can Tooth Fillings Be Avoided?

SDF is an FDA-approved substance within the Class II medical device designation, which has been cleared for use to help treat tooth sensitivity. But studies indicate that it can also be helpful in addressing dental decay, like cavities, making it a great alternative to fillings for patients who are either too young or otherwise unable to receive a filling.

In fact, for years dentists have found that with the help of fluoride, kids are often able to better prevent future dental cavities. By applying SDF to one tooth, then, it may be possible to protect nearby teeth from erosion.

Prevention Is Still Key

Of course, the best way to protect the smile is through proper preventive care, including daily dental hygiene and routine professional cleanings, as well. Keep in mind that children as young as one-year-old should still see the pediatric dentist at least once a year for preventive exams and cleanings.

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