Do Your Kids Need Restorative Treatment?

Have your kids begun complaining of dental discomfort, particularly when they try to enjoy a bowl of soup, a cup of cocoa, or a bite of their favorite ice cream? If so, you might be tempted to overlook their complaints. After all, every parent knows that kids can be prone to complaining. However it is important to know that heightened or sudden sensitivity can often be a warning sign of enamel erosion. Over time, damage to the enamel can lead to outright discomfort, and cavities, which leave the interior of the tooth exposed to bacteria that could cause infections. Left untreated, cavities can eventually require the need for root canal treatment or infection. So, if your kids are giving you any indication that they could have an oral health problem, like a cavity, it is time to take them to see their pediatric dentist. That way they can enjoy comfort and confidence, once again, and you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful!

Don’t Ignore Their Dental Symptoms

Sensitivity is just one of the common indicators that the teeth’s enamel has become damaged. Deep discoloration, such as visible grey lines or patches, and even white patches on the surface of the teeth, can be symptoms of acidic erosion, as well. So whether your kids mention changes in their smiles, or you see them, yourself, while helping your kids brush or floss their teeth, don’t ignore any symptoms of damage.

Instead, schedule a restorative appointment as soon as possible. The sooner an issue is addressed, the more likely the dentist will be able to correct the problem with minimally invasive treatment, like a dental filling.

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