What Pediatric Dentists Wish More Parents Knew

Being a parent is a rewarding and fun job, but that’s not to say it can’t sometimes feel tough. It can also be overwhelming trying to keep up with all that your kids require to stay healthy and happy. If you have had questions about what your kids need in order to grow up enjoying healthy and beautiful smiles, it is time to heed the advice of their pediatric dentist. After all, pediatric dentists specializing in protecting kids’ smiles against cavities and other common oral health threats.

Even Young Kids Are at Risk of Cavities

Many parents don’t realize how susceptible kids are to developing cavities. Picky eaters, that aren’t getting well-rounded nutrition, can be particularly prone to dental decay, as they may lack the minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain strong and healthy smiles.

While your doctor might recommend meal-replacement shakes, smoothies or other calorie-rich drinks to help keep your kids growing, it is important to their oral health that you look for options that are low in added sugar. That’s because the more sugar your kids consume, the more likely they are to deal with dental caries, commonly called cavities, which may require dental fillings to treat.

Soda Isn’t the Only Oral Health Threat!

Speaking of sugar, many parents think limiting their kids’ soda intake is the biggest job in protecting oral health. However, sodas are hardly the only sugar-laden beverage. As mentioned, many smoothies, shakes, and even juices are extremely high in sugar content. Sports drinks are also often filled with copious amounts of sugar.

It’s best for your kids, to teach them to love and value water, as their main beverage during the day. When you do supply your kids with milk, juices and other drinks, look for options with little to no added sugars.

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