Does Your Child Have a Cavity?

Has your child recently been complaining that her tooth hurts? Or, have you noticed changes in your son’s eating habits, such as an avoidance of any hot or cold foods, drinks, or an avoidance of the kind of sweet treats for which he generally begs? If so, these could be warning signs that a cavity is forming. Dental cavities are unfortunately incredibly common, for both kids and adults alike. Though they can be prevented through proper dental care, if your child is diagnosed with a dental cavity, there is good news. Dental fillings can help restore your smile’s comfort!

Do You Know the Warning Signs of Dental Decay?

There are a number of common warning signs that could indicate a cavity is forming. Sensitivity is one, and discomfort is another. You might also notice changes in your child’s teeth, though, such as white patches on the surface of some teeth, which could indicate where the enamel has begun to erode away. Grey and black lines are also common. With young children, it is best to regularly look over their teeth, especially in the back of the mouth, to check for potential cavity formation.

Are Your Kids Seeing the Dentist Regularly?

Of course taking your kids for regular dental checkups and cleanings is one of the best ways to both prevent against cavities, and to catch any that have formed early on, when minimally invasive treatment will likely still be effective at restoring the oral health.

For instance, most cavities can be addressed quickly and effectively through the use of dental fillings, if they are detected before an infection has been caused.

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