Three Warning Signs Your Kid Has a Cavity

It can sometimes be quite difficult for parents to determine if their kids are struggling with dental problems, the most common of which is cavities. Unfortunately, this means that kids are likely to struggle with dental decay for some time, before they are taken to the dentist for restorative treatment. If you want to make sure your kids maintain healthy and cavity-free smiles, there are a few warning signs you should be aware of, that way you can make sure your kids get the care they need, should they find themselves struggling with dental cavities.

1.    Discoloration can be indication of a problem.

While a bit of discoloration might not be reason to worry, if you notice a visible yellow film, especially along the gumline, this is likely plaque buildup, which can begin to erode the teeth’s enamel if left on the surface of teeth. To help prevent cavities, it is important to take your kids for regular dental cleanings and checkups. If caught early, tartar can usually be removed through a simple cleaning, while the longer it remains on the teeth the more likely a cavity is to form.

2.    Sensitivity might be a warning sign of dental decay.

If your kids are complaining of sensitivity, especially if it seems all of a sudden or is occurring all the time, not just during meals, this is a common warning sign of dental decay. Make sure you inform your kids to speak up, if their teeth feel funny or if it is uncomfortable chewing or drinking.

3.    Dental pain merits a prompt dental visit.

Anytime your child is experiencing moderate to severe dental pain, it warrants a visit to the pediatric dentist. It could be indication of a cavity, or even an infection, which will certainly require restorative treatment.

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