Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry?

No parent wants to see his or her child get hurt. Unfortunately, children are not immune to dental problems anymore than they are other types of injury. It is important, then, to make sure your kids know how to take great care of their teeth, but also to inform you when they notice changes that could indicate a problem. By catching dental issues, like cavities, early on, it is far more likely that a minimally invasive form of restorative dentistry could help save the tooth. So teach your kids to pay attention to their smiles, and to speak up if they suspect they could have a dental issue.

Knowing the Symptoms Can Help Protect The Teeth

By paying attention to changes in their smiles, your kids can actually help determine if they could be struggling with issues like cavities. This is especially important for older kids, since you are probably no longer helping them brush and floss their teeth.

Some common symptoms or warning signs of cavities include:

  • Deep discoloration or white patches, both of which can indicate damage to the teeth’s enamel
  • Heightened sensitivity, and discomfort, particularly while eating foods that are hot, cold or sugary (as plaque bacteria feed on sugars)

Other Indicators That It Is Time for Dental Treatment

If it has been more than six months since your kid’s last dental checkup, keep in mind that they are already overdue for a professional cleaning. Regular preventive care, including checkups and cleanings, is the best way to protect the teeth and gums against oral health problems including cavities.

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