Protect Your Young Athlete’s Smile with Custom Dentistry

Do you have a burgeoning football, hockey or other athletic star on your hands who is about to start an action-packed season of practices, games and tournaments? If so, you may have already purchased all the athletic gear they will need to perform their best and make the team, but have you visited their pediatric dentist? Custom mouthguards are a great way to protect young smiles, and they can be particularly important for those kids who will be participating in full-contact sports like football, hockey, and many more. So make sure your kids are ready to score big on the field (or the rink), and to smile even bigger afterwards, with mouthguards carefully designed to protect their pearly whites!

A Custom Mouthguard Can Protect Young Smiles During Athletic Events

Customized mouthguards provide added comfort and protection, compared to one-size-fits-all solutions. Best of all, they are an affordable way to help protect your kid’s smile. So whether your not your child’s school requires its athletes to wear mouthguards, it can be extremely beneficial to have one created, through your pediatric dentist, and to make sure your child is wearing it everyday, during both his or her practice and games.

Mouthguards can also be completed quickly, which is good news for parents who may have waited until the last minute to purchase athletic gear, or kids who have switched extracurricular activities recently.

It is also important for parents of active and athletic kids to be aware of the importance of prompt treatment if their children ever do suffer an oral trauma. That is because in some cases, a teeth could be come chipped or cracked and require a restorative dental crown. In other cases, damage may not be visible, but that doesn’t meant the tooth is healthy. A dental x-ray can help determine the extent of the damage, if any was done. It’s always best to check, rather than to jeopardize worsening damage with wear.

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