Prevent Dental Cavities with Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Part Two

Cavities are unfortunately incredibly common in kids. In fact, many children will have to face restorative dentistry while they are still in elementary school, due to dental decay caused by acidic erosion. Though excellent daily dental hygiene and healthy diets can help prevent cavities, these are no excuse to skip out on regular dental cleanings. Dental checkups and cleanings are essential to keeping the smile healthy, because only professional cleanings can help remove plaque buildup once it has calcified onto the teeth. Skipping checkups, therefore, greatly increases a kid’s chance of developing cavities. So if you want your kids to enjoy great smiles and good oral health, make sure they attend regular preventive checkups at their pediatric dentist’s office.

Checkups, Cleanings and Sealants Can Offer Added Protection

Many parents don’t realize that dental checkups and cleanings are essential, even when smiles already seem healthy. That is because calcified plaque buildup, known as tartar, can only be removed through professional cleanings. When tartar buildup is allowed to remain on the teeth for long periods of time, it can lead to acidic erosion, that can cause cavities that would then likely require fillings. Therefore, regular checkups are an essential way to prevent cavities and other oral health threats.

One other way your pediatric dentist can help keep your kids’ smiles healthy, is through the use of sealants like fluoride. Dental sealants can add further protection against cavities, by making it harder for plaque bacteria to stick to the teeth. So ask your pediatric dentist if sealants could be a good option for your children!

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