Does Your Child Need Restorative Dentistry? Part One

Has your son recently begun complaining about tooth pain? Does your daughter whine, while brushing her teeth, that it hurts to do so? Did you notice your son threw away most of his last ice cream cone, even though the flavor is his favorite? Have you seen your daughter holding the side of her mouth, as if in pain? If so, your child might very well need restorative dentistry. In fact, these are just a few of the potential warning signs that it is time for a child to see a restorative dentist. While it can often be difficult for a parent to know whether his or her child’s smile is healthy or not, it is possible to watch for warning signs. That way prompt treatment can be performed, if there is a burgeoning dental issue.

Wondering Where to Start?

As a parent you want to make sure your child is both healthy and comfortable, and that means helping them to maintain a healthy smile, as well as a healthy body. Here are a few helpful questions to ask, if you suspect your child might be struggling with a dental problem.

  1. Does Your Tooth Hurt, or Feel Funny, Especially When Eating or Drinking?

Changes in sensitivity, as well as discomfort, can be warning signs of dental problems like cavities. So if your kid begins complaining about a tooth hurting, tingling, or just feeling overly sensitive (especially to hot or cold foods), it is a good idea to schedule a dental appointment. Restorative treatment, like a dental filling, may be necessary.

Keep in mind, if your child is experiencing severe tooth pain, emergency dentistry may be necessary.

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