Avoid Infection With Prevention

Did you know that the easiest way to avoid most problems with your child’s teeth and gums, even tooth infections, is to remain extremely consistent with preventive care? This includes the routine you have at home to clean your child’s smile. It also includes the routine you have with us – your preventive visits – that provide a dental cleaning and a dental exam to your little one. Allow us to explain more about preventing an infection and keeping your child’s smile in tiptop shape.

Infections Are Often Silent

One of the main reasons we feel so strongly about your decision to keep up with preventive care is that problems do not always make themselves known. This is particularly common with a tooth infection, which can result in the need for an extraction. Your child may not develop any symptoms, which means the infection can become severe before you notice it. How to prevent this? Don’t skip exams with us – we can detect problems long before an infection occurs.

Prevention Inhibits Most Problems

It’s important to recognize the problematic progression of issues that you can avoid with preventive care. In the beginning, your child might develop a cavity (avoidable with preventive dentistry). This small hole, when neglected, may worsen into severe tooth decay. The damaged tooth may then break. Infection may also occur, leaving your child’s tooth in serious need of restorative care. Keep up with your daily brushing and flossing sessions at home and put our suggestions into action after each visit with us, so we can keep your child’s oral health safe.

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