Your Tooth Decay Questions

Have you been seeking out information about tooth decay but you aren’t quite sure whether you’re gathering details from reliable sources? Are you interested in better understanding cavities and how to safeguard the oral health of your child? Don’t worry – this is a very common journey, on which we are prepared and happy to join you. To begin, we suggest you take a quick look through some common questions (and answers) on the topic, so you may receive some helpful clarification.

Questions and Answers: Tooth Decay

Question: Why is it that some people develop cavities and others don’t? Is it possible that my child will never develop tooth decay?

Answer: It is possible but not likely. A variety of factors go into this. First, a very small percentage of people are immune to tooth decay. For the most part, however, the better your child cares for his or her smile (the same goes for you), the less likely a cavity is to develop.

Question: What should I do if I think my child is suffering from tooth decay? I often assume a toothache means a cavity is developing.

Answer: If your child experiences any type of discomfort or something just seems “off” with your son or daughters oral health, please contact us. We will schedule a visit right away, so we can get to the bottom of the issue and offer treatment.

Question: Is there anything I can do to better protect my child from developing tooth decay? We follow a strict brushing and flossing routine and I schedule preventive visits consistently.

Answer: Yes! Consider visiting us for dental sealants and for fluoride treatments. Both offer exceptional protection against the development of cavities and the need for dental fillings.

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