Choose This, Not That

Do your children ever ask you for something that you know is particularly bad for their smiles? Perhaps your little ones ask for sugar-filled gum or extremely chewy candy that you know will lead to a mess and sugar-coated teeth that are hard to clean up (and vulnerable to tooth decay). Have you often found yourself wishing you could quickly think up an alternative because you remember how much fun it was to indulge in these types of sweet treats as a kid? Allow us to offer a few helpful hints, so you have replacement options on hand (and smiling kiddos).

Choose Sugarless Gum, Not Sugar-Filled Gum

You know that an easy way to promote tooth decay is allowing your children to chomp down on oh-so-delicious sugar-filled gum. The amazing news is that the alternative – sugarless gum – is now available in a surprising amount of yummy flavors and it can actually offer some protection against dental health issues. When your child chews gum, the gum helps remove plaque and increases saliva flow (which washes away plaque and food particles).

Choose Soft Candies, Not Chewy Or Hard

There’s nothing like super chewy candies to make your head spin. In addition to imagining it all over your child’s face and stuck to his or her teeth, candies that are either too sticky, chewy, or hard can also dislodge dental work like fillings or crowns. For an easy cleanup, allow your child to indulge in soft candies. The particles are much easier on teeth and will wash away with greater ease. Have your child wash his or her mouth out with water (or drink some water) after the candy. If you can follow the rinsing with a quick brushing session within 30 minutes, your little one’s teeth will remain protected from problems like tooth decay.

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