Abscesses: How Much Do You Know?

If you have learned details about root canal treatment then you have likely heard the term “abscess” mentioned at least once or twice. As you know, we suggest root canals for patients who are suffering from infected teeth or seriously damaged dental pulp (the tissue that lines the interior of a tooth). Unfortunately, if you neglect to visit us for restorative treatment, serious side effects may occur. By learning more about an abscess and related consequences, you will feel more enlightened regarding the significance of quickly addressing infections.

About Abscesses

If your child suffers from a tooth infection, it means that the dental pulp in the tooth has become infected. This is the tissue that provides the tooth with what it needs to survive (blood flow, nutrients, and more). In addition, the internal portion of your child’s tooth houses nerves. Once damaged, inflammation will occur. The longer you wait, the greater the pressure that builds within the tooth. An abscess – or a pocket of pus – may then form on the tip of your child’s tooth root.

Abscess Complications

We suggest root canal treatment as soon as possible to prevent the formation of an abscess. This is because the pus pocket can easily rupture and will typically result in significant discomfort. Once the abscess ruptures, infection will spread to nearby structures, which may cause damage to bone and gum tissue. Unfortunately, infection can even make its way into your child’s circulatory system, causing fever and significant health issues. Agree to root canal treatment early to avoid these issues and instead restore oral health.

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