Fillings, Crowns, Root Canals: Don’t Wait!

When we suggest a restorative treatment for your child, you may find yourself feeling somewhat conflicted. Your instinct may be to run quickly with your little one in tow. We understand – most parents are worried about protecting the comfort of their children. First things first, keep in mind that we share this priority with you. In addition to using local anesthetic to numb affected and surrounding tissues, we offer sedation options so your child can have a truly tranquil procedure. As for why we feel so strongly about scheduling treatments like dental fillings immediately? Consider some important reasons.

Waiting Leads To Additional Discomfort

If you avoid scheduling a restorative treatment like a dental filling for your child, the underlying concern will likely continue to become worse. For instance, tooth decay and a tooth infection both progress when neglected. Even if symptoms do not immediately present themselves, the problems will eventually result in significant pain when left untreated.

Waiting Results In Even More Damage

If your child’s tooth has a cavity or has become physically damaged in some other way, the tooth is not whole. Unfortunately, this means some of the tissue is quite fragile, which can result in a tooth that breaks further or that shatters. Avoid this problem by scheduling a restorative treatment right away.

Waiting Causes Additional Costs

You may not think much about the added costs associated with waiting on a dental filling, crown, or root canal treatment – but it’s important you do. Imagine your child’s permanent tooth is infected. If you wait, infection will worsen, may spread to nearby teeth, your child may require an extraction, and we will then need to discuss tooth replacement options. Save time and money by scheduling restorations immediately.

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