Reasons For Crown Placement

If you’re at all familiar with crowns, you know that they are restorations, which provide full coverage to teeth. A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth, shaped to fit directly over a tooth in need of help. The good news is that providing your little one with a crown can provide exceptional protection, while preventing serious complications. The bad news is that you may feel hesitant regarding treatment because you are unsure why we have selected this particular restorative service. Allow us to explain reasons that we decide on crown placement, so you move forward with the knowledge that you are making a wonderful decision for your child’s oral health.

Your Child’s Tooth Is Damaged

A very common reason that we place a dental crown is to protect a damaged tooth. In some cases, a tooth is significantly damaged – frequently due to a serious break and tissue loss. The tooth cannot stand on its own but does not require an extraction. Therefore, we restore its structure with a crown. Or, a tooth may suffer a crack that leaves it vulnerable to breakage. Again, we will protect further damage with a crown.

Your Child Received A Root Canal Treatment

After root canal treatment, a tooth may require additional protection. In this case, the goal is to restore stability and function, and to prevent bacteria from re-entering and re-infecting the tooth. We will accomplish these needs with the placement of a dental crown, which offers full coverage.

Your Child’s Tooth Decay Is Severe

Tooth decay is progressive, which means your child can suffer from a small cavity, moderately sized cavity, or a very big cavity. When cavities become too severe for a dental filling (which often leaves remaining tissue susceptible to breakage), we will remove decayed tissue and then cover the tooth with a crown.

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