Root Canal Treatment: FAQs

At first glance, the idea of a root canal treatment for your child’s tooth may sound like something you would do anything to avoid. Fortunately, by learning just a bit more about the pediatric version of this treatment, you will come to find it is extremely beneficial. First, we want you to keep in mind that your child’s comfort is priority – we will always numb your child’s tissue and offer sedation for a relaxing experience. Regarding the particulars of the procedure, we are happy to share additional details in response to frequently asked questions, so you can feel good about the decisions you make to repair and protect your little one’s grin.

FAQs About Root Canal Treatment

Question: Why is my child’s tooth infected? Are you sure there’s an infection present?

Answer: An infection occurs when even a tiny amount of bacteria enter your child’s tooth. They may invade through a cavity, a small crack, or any other opening. Fortunately, daily brushing and flossing, six-month cleanings, and immediately scheduling restorative care can assist in preventing infections. We will take digital X-rays to ensure an infection is present.

Question: Are pediatric root canals the same as adult root canal treatment?

Answer: No, the treatment is a bit different. We will perform what we call a “pulpotomy.” Instead of removing all of the tissue from within the tooth, we will remove the infected portion and then place a filling that includes medication. We may also place a crown if necessary.

Question: Do you really need to perform the root canal treatment? The baby tooth is going to fall out eventually anyway.

Answer: If the permanent tooth has yet to erupt, then yes. The baby tooth guides the permanent tooth, which means a damaged or infected tooth may result in poor development. Or, the tooth below may become infected.

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