Your Dental Filling Questions

We understand if you have questions about your child’s dental filling. We also know that you do your best to help your child avoid problems like tooth decay – rest assured, most people will experience this oral problem at least once over the course of a lifetime. The good news is that we can easily and effectively address your child’s cavity, restore the tooth, and even protect the beauty of your little one’s smile. To help you feel even more optimistic about your child’s upcoming visit, we encourage you to consider answers to questions frequently asked by other concerned parents.

Questions About Fillings (And Answers)

Question: Will you numb my child’s tooth before you begin the dental filling treatment?

Answer: Of course. We will always numb your child’s tooth and the nearby tissue before beginning any type of restorative treatment that may present discomfort without local anesthetic.

Question: What if my child is nervous? Do you offer any type of sedation or other accommodations to make the dental filling more relaxing?

Answer: You have nothing to worry about. If your child has a special teddy bear or blanket that makes him or her feel comfortable – please let us know. In addition, we offer sedation options like oral sedation or IV sedation for a deeply tranquil experience.

Question: What type of dental filling do you offer for children? Is my child’s smile going to look different after the treatment is complete?

Answer: We offer tooth-colored fillings for our patients. Made of composite that we match to the shade of your child’s tooth, the filling will restore the beauty of your child’s smile rather than take away from it.

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