My Child’s Loose Tooth: What To Do?

There are so many exciting milestones in your little one’s life. Some are extremely enjoyable, like a first laugh or smile. Then there are others – like loose baby teeth – that bring with them a mixed bag of emotions. You may initially feel excited at the simple prospect of watching your child’s smile develop into a grown-up grin. However, trying to decide how to approach a loose tooth (to pull or not to pull?) can leave you frazzled. Rest easy – we will fill you in on the best approach. And, of course, we can always offer assistance or a dental extraction if necessary.

Should I Pull The Tooth?

In most cases, the best thing to do is to leave the tooth alone. Your child will naturally wiggle the tooth and move it back and forth with his or her tongue, which may aid in the falling out process. However, there is usually no rush. Attempting to step in and remove the tooth before it is ready may occasionally disturb the area that is preparing for the eruption of the permanent tooth below. Allowing the tooth to fall out naturally (rather than staging an amateur dental extraction) is effective, simple, and usually completely comfortable.

If A Baby Tooth Doesn’t Fall Out

Sometimes a baby tooth seems to hold on. If you are concerned that your child’s loose tooth should have fallen out on its own by now, we invite you to schedule a visit for your little one, so we can get to the bottom of the situation. Or, you may find that a baby tooth never seems to even get to the point of becoming loose. We offer dental extractions for baby teeth that fail to fall out, so we can guide the tooth below for proper development. Remember – we offer sedation and compassionate care, so your child’s every visit will be relaxing and comfortable.

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