Extractions And Misalignment: Learn More

Have you recently been told that your child needs a dental extraction but there is nothing wrong with your son or daughter’s tooth? The next question you should ask yourself is whether your child has good or not-so-wonderful alignment. This refers to the way your little one’s top and bottom teeth and jaws align – or fit together. If everything is in good shape, teeth fit together comfortably. However, when misalignment occurs, some shifting may be in order. Find out more, so you gain a better understanding of how tooth removal serves an important role in your child’s oral health.

An Extraction For Misalignment?

There may be multiple reasons that we may suggest an extraction – or that an orthodontist may suggest one – to promote a straighter smile. However, the most common reason you may receive this recommendation is that your child is suffering from overcrowding. This occurs when there is not a sufficient amount of room in your child’s smile for the amount of teeth he or she has. To prepare for orthodontic treatment like braces, for instance, you may need to agree to dental extraction to make room for proper treatment.

Does Your Child Need Orthodontic Care?

This is one of the reasons we suggest consistent dental checkups for your child. By monitoring teeth development over time, we can keep a close watch on the alignment of your child’s teeth. If we detect concerns, we will speak with you about them early, rather than waiting until teeth are fully grown in. This means you will have time to seek out orthodontic treatment options – which may or may not include a dental extraction – to begin guiding your little one’s smile into place as his or her smile develops. We will gladly refer you to a trusted orthodontist when the time comes.


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