Reasons For Tooth Extractions

You may find yourself feeling nervous when we suggest a tooth extraction to protect your child’s oral health. One of the first questions that may pop into your mind is likely, “Why does my child need an extraction?” followed by, “Isn’t there some other treatment?” Keep in mind, we only suggest extractions when other restorative treatments fail to work or will not suffice. Fortunately, removing a tooth can set the stage for dramatic oral health improvement and a future smile that feels as wonderful as it looks. So, to address your immediate concern regarding why we suggest this type of treatment, we have gathered the following rundown of reasons. Take a look and please remember to contact us with any additional questions, which we will be happy to answer.

Problematic Wisdom Teeth

An extremely common reason for a tooth extraction is a wisdom tooth that is not growing in properly. A wisdom tooth – often called a “third molar” – may develop on an angle that threatens surrounding teeth or may fail to erupt (we call this an “impacted” wisdom tooth). Removal will protect your child’s smile.

Tooth Isn’t Responding To Restorative Care

Perhaps your child is dealing with a severely infected tooth that has not responded positively to root canal treatment. If this is the case, the tooth will continue to worsen, may abscess, and may threaten surrounding teeth. The best option is a tooth extraction, so we can restore comfort and make a plan for a tooth replacement.

Severely Damaged Tooth

A severely damaged tooth, such as one that has shattered or broken badly, may need to be removed. If we cannot cover the remaining tissue with a crown, your child will be left with a poorly balanced bite, potentially sharp tissue, vulnerability to infection, and other problems.

Prep For Braces

Is your child ready for braces, primarily due to overcrowding? The removal of some permanent teeth may make way for optimal orthodontic care.


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