What Does A Child’s Toothache Mean?

dallas kids toothacheWhen your child notices a toothache, and this pain persists for more than a day, then you should bring him or her in for a visit. Often, persistent pain in a tooth could mean the presence of tooth decay, which leads to worsening pain and infection without treatment. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, pediatric dentist talks about how to avoid toothaches, and how we offer relief.

The Causes of Tooth Pain

Of course, discomfort could be the result of sinus infections, allergies, changes in elevation, or even a particularly chilly day. But these aches don’t last long, and when your children complain about pain for more than a day, this could mean a cavity has formed. Tooth decay occurs when the outer enamel that protects the tooth is weakened and eroded by poor oral hygiene, or when a tooth is damaged by injury or teeth grinding. Bacteria then reach the sensitive inner structure. The decay will grow and spread through the tooth until an infection develops. Attention is needed for a cavity right away, as the presence of pain could mean the decay has reached a more advanced stage.

Easing Initial Discomfort

You should call us right away to schedule a visit for an exam. To help reduce the severity of pain, have them rinse with warm water and gently floss on either side of the teeth. If this fails to ease any discomfort, then a cavity is likely the cause of discomfort. An over-the-counter and age-appropriate pain reliever is recommended as well. Try to avoid her hot or very cold foods and drinks, or items high in sugar, as the tooth will be very sensitive.

Dental Fillings and Preventive Actions

When we examine the tooth and discover decay, we can offer relief in one visit with a dental filling. This involves administering a local anesthetic and then removing all decay. We apply the composite resin filling material, which offers a more lifelike appearance than metal. We then cure the tooth with a light and sculpt it. For more severe cases, we could also discuss stainless steel or zirconia dental crowns. To reduce the risk of cavities in the future, make sure your children brush and floss daily, and cut back on the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Visits every six months for a checkup and cleaning is very beneficial too! If you have any questions about children’s dentistry, then contact our team today.

Schedule a Visit Today!

Our team is ready to help your children continue to enjoy good oral health and brighter smiles. If you have any questions about avoiding pain in your child’s smile, then contact your Dallas, TX pediatric dentist, Dr. Marr, by calling (214) 321-4880.


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