Treatments To Give Your Child’s Smile A Boost Of Strength

Practicing excellent oral health habits at home such as regularly flossing and brushing is a great way to get children excited about their oral health as well as maintenance. Younger smiles need great attention, from being conscious about sugar and soda intake to being on top of hygiene. With this in mind, however, there are methods to giving your little one’s smile an added boost of protection, such as with a dental crown or other procedure. The team at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX prioritizes your child’s grin, and offers treatments to help give their beam a boost of strength.


One of the biggest threats to all smiles is plaque. It develops daily on and around the teeth, and if left unmanaged, can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. As a method to combatting these effects, our team offers a dental sealant that can be applied during your child’s routine check-up.

Sealants offer an added level of protection from tooth decay by creating a barrier between harmful bacteria that causes plaque and cavities. During the appointment, your child’s back teeth will be painted with a clear coating of plastic to help minimize the chances of cavity formation or infection. We typically apply sealants to the back teeth, as the molars are often difficult to reach and thus create a perfect hiding space for harmful microorganisms to grow and spread.

Fluoride Treatment

Another option to protect your tiny one’s grin consists of a fluoride treatment. During your child’s dental examination, fluoride can be used to cover the surfaces of teeth and help the already present layer of enamel by re-mineralizing softened areas and, ultimately, reversing the progression of tooth decay. The enamel that is present on the surfaces of teeth is the smile’s number one line of defense protecting it against dangerous bacteria, and once enamel is gone, there is nothing standing in the way of danger. By having your child’s grin treated with fluoride – a naturally occurring mineral that is present in toothpaste – you will be able to provide an added layer of protection and, hopefully, boost your child’s grin for a long time.<

Staying on Top of Your Child’s Oral Health

Other advice we can give when it comes to little grins is that staying on top of their oral health care routine is crucial for a life-long smile. The combination of brushing and flossing at home, attending regular check-ups and cleanings, and adding a boost to strength from a sealant or fluoride treatment will not only leave your little one happy with their smile, but will pave the way for a healthier grin.

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