3 Things Children Need for Healthier Teeth

Most parents understand that their children need their help and guidance to learn how to care for their teeth properly. Brushing and flossing are not natural instincts, even if they are essential to keeping our natural teeth healthy. However, children need more than just lessons at the bathroom sink to learn to care for their teeth properly, or to successfully prevent common concerns from threatening their smiles.

A structured schedule of dental hygiene

Learning the basics of dental hygiene, such as how to brush and floss, aren’t enough to keep your child’s smile healthy. In fact, knowing them yourself won’t keep your smile healthy, either, if you don’t stick to those basics. The foundation of a good hygiene routine is to stick to a consistent schedule, which means brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once, every single day. In addition to the mechanics of brushing and flossing, teach your child consistency by developing a structured schedule, such as brushing every morning after breakfast, then brushing and flossing every night before bedtime.

Alternatives to sugar (not just admonitions)

Next to the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth consistently, children have to be warned almost as often to stay away from too much sugar. The warning is a good one; sugar feeds the oral bacteria that make up plaque, and many of them use it to create acids that attack healthy tooth enamel. However, it isn’t enough to just tell children not to eat anything sweet. Instead, give them alternative treats to satisfy their sweet tooth without as much risk to their teeth. For example, fruits and some vegetables are naturally sweet, and even making sugar-loaded candy or other sweets a rare treat will do a lot to limit their teeth’s exposure.

A conservative care plan, if treatment is necessary

Giving your children what they need to keep their smiles healthy at home will do a lot in preserving their healthy, natural smiles. Yet, there may still come times when your child develops a cavity in one or more teeth, or experiences accidental trauma and requires emergency treatment for a tooth. When more involved dental treatment is needed, children benefit most from a custom, conservative treatment plan that’s designed to minimize the extent of their treatment.

Give your child what they need for healthier teeth

It takes deliberate effort to keep teeth healthy at any age, but for children, much of that effort will have to be shared by their parents. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda in Dallas, TX today at 214-321-4880. We proudly serve patients who live around Casa Linda and all surrounding Dallas communities.

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