Learn About Hanukkah with the Dallas Public Library

When people say “Happy Holidays” one of the special  times they might mean is Hanukkah, the 8-day Jewish festival of lights. If you and your children would like to learn more about Hanukkah (or share the knowledge you already have with others) mark your calendar for the Dallas Public Library’s Celebrate Hanukkah program. Patrons are invited to come learn about the celebration of Hanukkah, which this year begins the evening of December 22. The program will have information and activities for a variety of ages from child through adult.

Which Library is Hosting the Program?

Celebrate Hanukkah will be held at the Prairie Creek Branch Library, on the east side of Dallas. The street address is 9609 Lake June Road, Dallas, TX  75217. The event will be held in the auditorium.

When Does the Program Take Place?

Come to the library on Monday, Dec. 23, from 4-5 pm. The library hours extend before and after the program, so you can also have time to browse the many materials they have available for Dallas residents to borrow.

Will This Be a Lecture-Style Program?

The library has many activities planned, for all ages, to help participants learn about Hanukkah and the history and tradition. There will be crafts, games such as spinning a dreidel, and goodies to taste, like latkes and toppings and chocolate. All of this will include information to learn and share about Hanukkah.

How May I Learn More?

If you would like more information or further details, please contact the Prairie View Branch Library at (214) 671-0410 or [email protected]

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