Spark! Weekend Experience

Have you heard of Spark! yet? If not, then you and your kiddos are really going to want to check this one out (and, lucky for you, the Spark! Weekend Experience event is taking place right now in our Dallas, TX community)! Prepare for some interactive, get-moving fun, that is sure to get your neural synapses going, get your blood flowing, and leave you with a huge smile on your faces!

What Is This?

Spark! is an interactive, creative space that is meant to be fun, very hands-on, that gives your kids a chance to move, climb, discover, and to push their imaginations! Just visualize 6,000 square feet of creativity, including everything from a giant light bright to space tunnels, and more! During the Spark! Weekend Experience, the event is open to the public!

Who Is It For?

Everyone is welcome! With that said, the venue is geared toward children in second grade through high school.

Where Is It?

Spark! is located at the following address:

1409 S Lamar St #004
Dallas, TX 75215

When Is This?

The weekend event will be taking place on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm from October 26th through December 27th, 2019!

How Much Is It?

You may attend this event for $10 per person.

How May I Learn More?

Just call (214) 421-7727 for further information.

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