Event: Magic And Comedy With Mike Williams 

When you start sorting through the types of entertainment that put a huge smile on your face, get some belly laughs, and do the same for your kids, what do you come up with? If your answer included comedy and magic, then boy are you in for a family-fun-time treat! The upcoming Magic and Comedy with Mike Williams event is headed our way in our Dallas, TX community! If you haven’t heard of this yet, now is the time to learn more and to get your tickets quick!

About This Event

Who is Mike Williams and why is this such an exciting event for your family? Well, he’s a magician and a comedian, which means you’re in for a double-whammy of an experience! Not only will you get to sit back and watch as you’re mesmerized by this 20-year veteran of magic but you’ll also get some serious laughs in, while you’re at it! It’s interactive and it’s definitely fun.

Location Of Event

The event is taking place at Stomping Ground Comedy Theater, located at:

1350 Manufacturing St #109
Dallas, TX 75207 

Date And Time Of Event

Remember to show up early to this event at about 4:45pm, so you can find your seat before the show begins! It’s taking place on September 7th, 2019 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.


Tickets cost $10 per person (or $5 per student).

Invite List

Everyone! All ages are welcome.

Further Details

Learn more by contacting the theater at (469) 206-0082.

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