I Can’t Stop Worrying About My Child’s Smile! 

It’s completely understandable. You’ve watched your child grow and develop and you’ve been monitoring those lovely teeth since the very first one arrived! If you tend to be someone who is prone to worry, then worrying about your child’s smile is not out of the ordinary. However, it’s probably exhausting and you are likely well aware that the stress is not doing you any good. What you want is to feel you’re protecting your child’s oral health but while you get to do so with a relaxed, confident, if not enjoyable approach! Is there anything you can do, you wonder? Of course, our Dallas, TX team works with parents every day and we have some simple but very effective suggestions that should help.

Make Sure You’re Doing Your Best

The most important bit of advice we can offer you is that you cannot control everything that happens but what you can do is your absolute best in terms of guiding your child! So, what does that include, you ask? It’s very simple:

  • Make sure that you’re performing two brushing sessions every day, which should last two minutes apiece
  • Ensure your child flosses one time every single day
  • Set up dental checkups and cleanings with our team two times every year, scheduled apart by about six months
  • Follow through on suggested dental care treatments for additional prevention, such as dental sealants
  • Follow through on any restorative care we suggest, as well

Remind Yourself You’re Doing Your Best

Now, once you’re following through on practicing the dental care that we suggest in order to provide your child with optimal oral health, we remind you of the following: It’s time to remind yourself when you start to feel any anxiety about your child’s smile that you’re doing your absolute best. When solid preventive measures are in place, it offers your child exceptional smile protection.

Remember We Are Here To Fix Anything!

Keep in mind that when you start to worry about damage, we are here for anything that might go wrong. That means that we offer restorative care, should your child deal with any type of hygiene-related disease or structural damage. “But what if something happens that we didn’t see coming?” you may think to yourself. Not to worry! Our pediatric dental care practice offers emergency dental care, too, so whether it’s a somewhat convenient oral health issue or an urgent problem that crops up out of nowhere, we’re here for you and your child!

See Us For Smile Care Reassurance

Remember that when you visit us for dental checkups and cleanings twice annually, and any other care we suggest, you are providing your child with the utmost in dental care! Ask for advice, when we see you, for complete confidence! Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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