Family Zoo Adventures: Okapi Forests

Have you heard of the Family Zoo Adventures at our Dallas, TX community’s Dallas Zoo? If not, then you’ll definitely want a quick rundown: Each monthly session will include a thorough exploration of a particular topic that the entire family will enjoy! Up this month? It’s the Family Zoo Adventures: Okapi Forests. Learn more about what to expect, when you take this very exciting walk on the wild side!

What Is This?

August’s Family Zoo Adventures: Okapi Forests is going to include, like every other adventure, a variety of activities that will bring the theme to life! Kids of all ages (that means grownups, too) can see animals up close, may take part in special activity stations, and will enjoy tours! Learn a whole lot, while you spend this August outing learning about okapi, a mammalian relative of the giraffe that is native to Africa!

Where Is It?

At the Dallas Zoo, which is located at:

650 S R L Thornton Fwy
Dallas, TX 75203

When Is It?

This exciting event will happen on August 10th, 2019 from 10am to 4pm.

How Much Is It?

Admission is $12 per person for members or $15 per person for non members.

Who Is The Audience?

This event is geared toward groups with children ages four through 12.

How May I Find Out More?

Call the Dallas Zoo at 469-554-7500.

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