Little Farmers: Blueberries!

Do you find a Saturday morning visit to the Farmers Market in our Dallas, TX community to be a breath of fresh air and a surprisingly fun experience for the whole family? Enjoy your browsing, shopping, sunshine-filled (hopefully) experience and bring the kids around to enjoy a special ongoing little program for little enthusiasts! This week it’s Little Farmers: Blueberries!

About This Little Farmers Event

This is a chance to make heading to the Farmers Market even more fun for your little ones! Add this outing to your list, which will include time for your kiddos to learn all about blueberries, to taste them, and to listen on as the story Blueberries For Sal is read aloud for some lovely story time smiles!

Where To Find It

Show up for this literary, yummy experience at the Dallas Farmers Market at:

920 S Harwood Street
Dallas, TX 75201

When To Show Up!

Experience blueberries and stories from 11am to 12pm on Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

Who May Participate

All are welcome to join!

Additional Information

Learn more about Little Farmers events and gather additional information about the Farmers Market here.

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