Your Kids’ Smiles: Things That Don’t Need To Embarrass You

You might find yourself feeling the pangs of embarrassment as you scoop your kiddo up for a visit to our practice. We know, of course, that from your perspective, it’s you as the parent as you guide your child through smile care and everything else! You’re not experiencing parenting as a collective group with all other parents out there. However, from our perspective at our Dallas, TX practice, we are seeing parenting as a bigger picture. We see parents and their children every single day! As a result, we like to remind you individually that though you may really not want to have to come in for a visit, it’s definitely not “just you.”

You Turned Your Back For A Split Second

It’s not like you left your kids in the backyard with a stack of bricks to play with! You didn’t even leave the room. You literally turned away from having your eyes on your child for a split second and here you are: You’re calling us to set up a visit because your child’s smile health has become compromised. Why? Well, as far as you are concerned it’s your fault. As far as we are concerned however, things happen! We hear this a lot. Just focus on seeing our team for a visit, so your child’s oral health is back on track! We offer the services your little one needs.

Your Child Never Said Anything Hurt!

You may wonder how you didn’t know your child had a bad cavity, infection, etc. You may feel embarrassed or as though it reflects poorly on you. Remember: Some kids have high thresholds for discomfort! If your child is this way, these things will happen. What’s important is scheduling consistent checkups and seeing us for smile care as needed, so we can help.

You Need Emergency Care

Just because you need emergency smile care for your child doesn’t mean that you get a grade of “F” for the day. Remember, your kiddo doesn’t connect the dots between actions and consequences like you do and you don’t have multiples of yourself to keep a watch on everything happening at all times. So, maybe your child broke a tooth or something else happened. Don’t feel embarrassed. We offer emergency children’s dental visits because they’re common and because it’s better to treat urgent needs immediately! Just take a breath, give us a call, and come on in.

Feel Confident About Your Child’s Smile Health

Come in for dental care, for emergency visits, and for anything else your child needs in terms of smile protection. Remember that we see parents every single day and are happy to assist you in your experience with a compassionate approach. Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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