Candytopia: In Dallas!

While we tend to remind you that you should limit the candy you eat on a daily basis (and we will never stop reminding you to rinse then brush after you do so), there’s an upcoming event that is so magical and so very sweet, our Dallas, TX team just has to bring it to your attention: It’s Candytopia and it will be in our community for just a limited time. No, we don’t usually suggest overloading yourself and your kiddos with candy … but you might want to check this out!

What Is This?

Candytopia is pretty much just like it sounds. You know what candy is, of course, as in all things confection-related. Then, there’s -topia, coming from the Greek word topos, meaning “place” or “landscapes.” So, basically, this is a wonderland of candy. Only it pushes the potential of sugar-indulgent dreamscapes to the limits, leaving you and your family with some very big smiles on your faces! In short:

  • You’ll visit 14 different rooms with varying candy themes
  • You’ll receive lots and lots of candy samples
  • Highlights include art installations and things like swimming through hundreds of thousands of marshmallows (are you starting to get the idea?)
  • As you might imagine, it’s interactive, it’s fun, and it’s only here through July!

When Is It?

Candytopia is here and will remain in Dallas through the end of July of 2019. Hours follow:

  • Monday through Saturday: 10:00am to 8:30pm
  • Sunday: 11:00am to 8:30pm

Where Is It?

The event is happening at the following address:

The Hill
8021 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75231

Who Is Invited?

Individuals of all ages!

How Much Are Tickets?

Ticket prices vary according to the following:

  • Adults: $30 per person
  • Children 4 through 12: $23 per person
  • Children 0 through 3: Free

How To Learn More?

Check out the event’s website here.

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