Why We Support: Vickery Trading Company!

Source: Vickery Trading Company

If you haven’t heard of Vickery Trading Company, our Dallas, TX practice would love to take just a moment to provide you with a quick introduction! It’s a non-profit that’s near and dear to our hearts, it’s local to our community, and learning more about socially aware businesses is always a good thing!

What Is Vickery Trading Company?

Started by Founder and President, Stephanie Giddens, Vickery Trading Company is a socially aware and sustainable business that strives to provide support, work, and success to refugee women in our own community. The non-profit provides sewing training to refugees, experience in a business environment, education, counseling, and very importantly, a fair wage for the garments they create.

Get A Closer Look

While learning about what the Vickery Trading Company does on paper is inspiring, if you’d like to take a closer, real look at the goings on, you may wish to check out their blog! It offers a more detailed understanding of the efforts the VTC puts forth in the community and in advocating sustainability in the world at large!

Source: Vickery Trading Company

How Can I Help?

Every little bit helps! If you’d like to purchase one of the beautiful items crafted by the VTC’s talented team, check their shop for children’s dresses, scarves, gift cards, and more! Or, you can choose to apply to become an intern or even donate. By checking out the website, you’ll have access to lots of helpful information. Have questions? Just fill out a “contact us” form online!

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