3 Things You Don’t Actually Have To Panic Over

There are some things that can cause you to panic in terms of your child’s oral health. Of course, especially when you’re dealing with wee ones (especially your first baby), any major change or symptom can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, the more you learn about, the greater your mental catalog of things that don’t require your emotions to fly into overdrive! Consider a few smile issues from our Dallas, TX team that you can consider calmly and that are generally no biggie.

#1: A Semi-Scalded Mouth

When your child bites into something that’s hot and it hurts, you may immediately feel panicked. What do you do? Why didn’t you blow on the food for your child first? Why didn’t your teenager realize the pizza was too hot? Now what?! Fortunately, there’s generally no cause for major alarm. The area will feel a little weird for a while (as you know) but it should heal up quickly. In the meantime, consider the following suggestions that apply to your kids for this minor oral health hiccup (and apply to you, too!):

  • Have your child immediately place his or her tongue under cold running water or swish with cold water for relief
  • Have your child rinse with salt water a couple times a day to help keep tissue clean and to help minimize inflammation
  • Avoid hot, spicy, sour, and other irritating foods until your child’s mouth feels better

#2: A Canker Sore

We know that the arrival of a canker sore in your child’s mouth can seem alarming. As you may know, these types of sores can feel very uncomfortable and don’t look so great. However, just like for mom or dad, this issue is something that generally goes away on its own. Explain to your child to leave the area alone. You may have your child rinse with salt water for extra cleansing. You can also pick up over-the-counter numbing ointment. Then, unless the sore worsens or doesn’t seem to heal, it’s just a matter of giving it time to go away.

#3: Chipped Baby Teeth

You know that a baby tooth that is seriously damaged or ill can negatively affect the permanent tooth below. So, when your child ends up with a chipped baby tooth, you may wonder: Is this something to worry about? Or is this just a cosmetic problem? Generally speaking, chips do not affect one’s oral health, so you can breathe easy. If you’re uncertain about whether your child’s tooth is seriously damaged or cracked, then of course, come see us. However, for minor chips, all is okay.

Come In When You Are Worried

While there are lots of things you may find yourself worried over that you know will be just fine, sometimes you feel uncertain! In such moments, feel free to contact us to set up a dental checkup just in case. Schedule a visit with your Dallas, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Marr at Pediatric Dental Care at Casa Linda by calling 214-321-4880. We proudly welcome patients from Dallas, TX, and all surrounding communities, including Casa Linda and more.

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