Strollers & Story Time

Babies and art museums…not two things you might immediately think go together. However, just because you have a little one doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your artistic interests. If you’ve been wanting to see the Margarita Cabrera exhibition at Dallas Contemporary, pack up your babe and head over to the museum. Just as early visits to a dental office help familiarize your baby with checkups and cleanings, so visiting an art museum will introduce your child to different forms of art.

So I Can Wheel My Stroller Right In?

Exactly! Strollers and Story Time is designed for parents and caregivers to come with their babies (18-months and younger) and enjoy a guided tour, led by an educator who is experienced with this special audience! If there are squirming feet and the occasional burp, it won’t be a problem. Once the tour is compete, there is story time in the museum galleries.

What If My Baby Gets Noisy?

They know babies will be babies, and this tour is designed around the normal habits of active and lively little ones. If your baby acts like a baby, the museum staff will completely understand!

Is There a Cost?

These tours are free and open to the public.

Where and When Does This Event Happen

Strollers and Story Time takes place once a month, on a Wednesday.
10 – 11 am
Dallas Contemporary 
161 Glass Street
Dallas, TX 75207 

How May I Learn More?

Contact the Dallas Contemporary for information about this event at [email protected]

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