Helpful Smile Tips: Grocery Shopping With The Kids

When you go to the store alone, you can breeze through with your list, get everything you want, and leave. You don’t ever hear, “Can I have this, please?!” as your child begs for some sort of candy that is definitely not on the list for smile health. So, you may wonder to yourself, how to approach shopping when you’ve got your kiddos in tow without dealing with an hour-long battle of the wills? We can offer at least a few potentially helpful tips!

Tip: Write A List

Yes, we mentioned the list thing, assuming you bring one with you when you shop. However, if you don’t, you may exhaust yourself shifting your focus between your child asking questions and trying to convince you to grab certain items and your need to actually pick up what you went there to buy. Do yourself a favor: Write a list, so you get all of that stuff your family needs.

Tip: Set Ground Rules Ahead Of Time

Are you completely fine with your child having one treat? Explain before you step foot into the store that each child may have one special item (it will likely include something that’s not on the smile health list). Go a step further and make it a reward (for behaving and helping) and something your child can select once the cart is full.

Tip: Don’t Bring Them When They’re Hungry

If you have the option to eat first then shop or you’re considering shopping quickly and then eating, remember: Shopping on an empty stomach makes all shoppers crave all sorts of foods that they usually might not even want. Protect your whole family’s smile health by showing up with full tummies and making smart selections will be easy.

Gain The Tips You Need For Any Smile Related Moment

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