April Observances That Promote Healthy Smiles

For your kids and for you, too, April may provide some helpful reminders that offer a lot of smile protection! This month of the year, in addition to bringing with it nicer weather, the blooming of flowers, and the promise of sunny days also brings with it some national observances that are most certainly worth recognizing. Let’s run through a handful of them, so you feel like you’re ahead of the game when it comes to keeping everyone’s oral health in check!

World Health Day (On April 8th)

World Health Day is a day when the entire world takes time to recognize the the importance of health in many ways. Why not take this moment for yourself, your family, and your kids to focus on your overall health and the ways it protects your oral health? Whether it’s time to start eating healthier, to see your doctor or pediatrician for a checkup, or to schedule care with us, right now is a good time!

National Facial Protection Month

It’s easy to forget that little accidents like an impact with sports equipment, a teammate, or even with the ground (perhaps your kiddo falls off of her bike) can yield serious oral and facial injuries. April recognizes National Facial Protection Month to remind you and your kids to wear your helmets and to wear athletic mouthguards when necessary, so you offer exceptional safeguarding to your family’s oral health.

National Humor Month!

You have probably heard before that laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that your body actually does respond very well to laughter, releasing endorphins (“feel-good chemicals”) that help improve your mood? Since you take such wonderful care of your smile and your children’s oral health, it’s certainly worth showing those grins. Take time to laugh this month with your kiddos!

See Our Team For Your Kids’ Smile Care Needs And Questions

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