Easter Candy: Steer Clear Of Certain Sweets

Yes, it’s normal for your kids to get excited about sugary treats on Easter. After all, there’s quite an abundance, so if you’re on board with indulging, we understand. However, we also know that you might not be quite as educated on the different types of candies out there and which happen to be much worse for kids’ (and adults’) smiles when compared with others. Let’s run through a few details to keep in mind, so your children have a very fun-filled holiday, while you can breathe a sigh of relief about their oral health.

Skip Those Sticky Chickies

You know the ones. They’re marshmallow baby birds coated in Technicolor sugar! Skip these and anything else that’s very sticky and likely to thoroughly soak your children’s teeth in sugars because of the sticky factor. This may also include caramels, gummy bears and worms, and more, none of which promote good oral health!

Avoid The Takes-Forever-To-Eat Candy

If something takes a long time to eat, chances are good it’s another serious oral health hazard. For instance, a solid chocolate bunny takes a long time to bite through and eat. A hollow bunny? It’s easy to bite and the chocolate breaks down and rinses away very quickly. Suckers require your children to dissolve a hard candy over several minutes! Always try for candies that are quick to eat, fast to dissolve, and that won’t coat smiles.

Hint: Remember To Rinse And Brush

Now you know more about which candies to avoid. However, if your children eat everything from the safer hollow bunnies to jellybeans and more, simply keep the following oral health suggestion in mind: Have them rinse with water after candy time. Brush a little later. It will offer protection smiles need on this special day.

Ask Us For Candy Tips During Holidays

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