Birthday Parties And Sugar: What Can You Do?

When you have your kids with you, it’s so easy to make all of the decisions regarding how much sugar they can have (and more). Granted, that doesn’t mean there are never tears or “please!” moments involved but you’re in charge! Now, let’s talk about what happens when your kiddos are at birthday parties. You’re not there to monitor what they eat, they’re surrounded by other kids who are eating celebratory cake and ice cream, and this leaves you in a little bit of an oral health quandary. What to do? Well, that all depends on how you feel, your personal values, and more! Don’t worry, we can certainly assist with this common topic!

Choose Sealants!

First, you can definitely feel more relaxed about your kids finding their smiles exposed to intense sugar moments if they have dental sealants in place. Come in for sealants, which protect back chewing surfaces of teeth from decay. It’s a very easy way to limit this particular oral health problem.

Talk With Parents

Maybe you have a no sugar policy. Perhaps you feel strongly about how much sugar your little one eats. Then again, maybe it’s just very important to you that your child drinks water with cake and ice cream to rinse away sugars. Remember that you can always talk to your child’s friend’s parents to let them know what you’re comfortable with, to find out what’s going to be served, to communicate your personal rules, or simply to gain a comfort level.

Forget About It

As you’ve noticed, the cake and ice cream thing isn’t going to let up, well, ever! Adults do it, too. One option is simply to forget about it. Appreciate that your kids are enjoying themselves and remember that for the majority of the time, you’re keeping your child’s oral health very safe.

Learn More From Us About Guiding Your Child’s Smile

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